At Vams Ltd we design and make casting models (wood, aluminum plastics) according to your wishes. The basis for the manufacture of flawless and high-quality tools is the precise and thoughtful construction of the tools.

So the process begins with the preparation of the appropriate model. With the help of modern computer equipment we develop and produce a variety of tools. A sketch, a 2D drawing, a 3D file, or a sample (an existing object) is sufficient to produce it, and we can design it with your cooperation. Most models are manufactured for the automotive, construction and machine building industries.

We offer you a complete service: development and design, production and support, and tooling.

The company manufactures non-ferrous metal models, wood models and plastic models.
We can also provide advanced CNC milling.

Our machine park allowes us to make 3 axis milling and drilling. Milling quality is ensured by the support of advanced CAD / CAM equipment and our years of experience.

Flat workpiece border dimensions: 1300 mm x 700 mm x 700 mm

Once the model has been completed, verified and approved, we can continue the process of making the samples.
In Vams Ltd, we cast aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

At Vams Ltd casting of all non-ferrous metals can be organized: aluminum (AlSi10Mg, AlSi9Cu3, AlMg3, etc.), brass, lead, bronze (CuSn10, CuSn14, etc.) into sand and mold. The maximum weight of the cast that can be cast in the sand is approx. 500 kg. The process of degassing and modification prepares the alloy. Castings can also be sandblasted or heat treated here.

We provide castings for:

  • mechanical engineering (housings, pulleys, fans and other parts of machinery),
  • gambling (different parts of slot machines),
  • agricultural machinery (parts for all types of agricultural machinery and attachments),
  • electro (various elements for the electrical industry),
  • construction (structural joints).