CNC milling and turning
Aluminum, gray cast iron, brass, bronze
Computer processing of 3D models for tool making
From idea to model or mold.


V podjetju VAMS d.o.o. smo strokovnjaki za mehansko obdelavo kovin, ki zajema struženje, rezkanje, vrtanje. Dosegamo visok nivo kakovosti naših izdelkov, kateri so v večjem delu namenjeni za avtomobilsko industrijo, saj delamo natančno in upoštevamo roke izdelave. Poleg avtomobilske industrije smo prisotni še na področju strojegradnje, medicine in hidravlične opreme. 

Because we have 22 years of experience in mold making, delivery and machining of castings, we know that certain casts require additional mechanical processing (milling, turning, drilling) because they have a special design. The castings are thus taken care of in a holistic way: tools are produced, castings are supplied and further processed by milling, turning or drilling.

Depending on your wishes, we process casts of different shapes. We cast and mechanical process casts of various materials such as aluminum, gray cast iron, brass and bronze. With our own design and production, we design and manufacture clamping devices for machining them.

At VAMS Ltd we are aware that after the physical manufacture of the tool, in most cases the reproduction is unjustified. If a tool is rebuilt, it certainly goes beyond the financial scheme of the project. That is why we consider the production of tools as a development process to which we pay special attention.

At VAMS Ltd we ensure the perfection of the workmanship by making sure that the preliminary stages are accurately determined and that all constructive solutions are integrated into the toolmaking process. The 3D model, the bill of lading and the component drawing of the tool are integral parts of tool making.